The Love Greater Project

The Love Greater Project is an initiative of the Live Greater Foundation. We connect communities with passion to urgent needs all around the world. 


Recent Projects

The Love Greater Project has embraced community concerns across the United States and the world. Here are some of our recent projects. 


School Supplies for Port Au Prince

Ecole Education Rentable Notre Dame de Fatima, is in Port au Prince, Haiti, and serves 750 students from the local community. This area is very impoverished area, and the school struggles to supply learning tools like writing utensils and paper to all students. Thanks to the help of Ascension Catholic Grade School in Overland Park, KS, the St. Joesph's Godteens program in Lincoln, NE, the Moms Groups from North American Martyrs Parish in Lincoln, NE, and a variety of other individuals who gave, we were able to support children in Haiti as they learn and grow for the last three years.


Early Literacy in Texas

Did you know that there is no stronger predictor of welfare participation as an adult than entering Kindergarten without early literacy skills? A huge gap exists in access to books between children from low-income and middle-income families. This prevents their escape from poverty. Giuliana's Playroom is working to change that! We've been providing books and small toys for reading hours in shelters in the Houston area. 


Lourdes Pilgrims

We were so honored and humbled to support the American Special Children Pilgrimage Group, a group that supports pilgrimages to shrines for special needs children. For the last three years, this group took a pilgrimage to the Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes over Easter week. We supplied developmentally appropriate toys and snacks to help ease the stress of travel. A big thank you to the 5th grade students and their families at Ascension Catholic School in Overland Park, KS who collected items to fill travel bags for the 17 children/young adults that were on the trip. The project was a great success, and the pilgrims loved their bags.  The bags were filled with items that helped the children/young adults on their journey to Lourdes as they traveled on the plane and during their stay.  Thank you for all who were involved!